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Tunnel restoration campaign brochure:

View Tunnel Campaign Brochure 

2012 Condition Inspection Report:

An engineering report, performed by Inspec-Sol, focused on 3 specific tasks:

  1. Geotechnical Investigation
  2. Bedrock Condition Survey
  3. Masonry Condition Survey

View the Inspec-Sol Condition Inspection Report, Nov 2012

1978 Engineering Report:

A site visit was made to review the condition of the existing tunnel, the results of which indicate that the present tunnel is in a reasonably good state of repair.

View Tunnel – Report Gore & Storrie 78

1974 Engineering Heritage Report:

The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada referred the C.P.R. tunnel in Brocville, Ontario to the Canadian Engineering Heritage Record for study and evaluation. This report will outline the history of the tunnel.

View the Tunnel – Report Cdn Eng Heritage 74



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